The life and times of Jack Malloch

The biography, TANGO ROMEO - The life and times of Jack Malloch, is a true life action adventure story of incredible human achievement set against the backdrop of Africa;s bloody and turbulent past - a past which has been largely forgotten by the rest of the world. It is a historic record of real life and what can be achieved by one 'ordinary' person with little more than passion, dedication and the need to do 'the right thing'.

The Author, Alan Brough, has been researching Jack's life for the past 10 years and the biography is now reaching its final stages of completion.


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Jack Malloch was a pioneering aviator who ran numerous clandestine airlines in Africa in the early post-independent years where he was involved in gun-running against the encroachment of Communism. He actively fought against the UN, yet was in the pay of both the CIA and the French secret Service. He is most well known as the
arch Rhodesian sanctions buster who almost single-handedly kept Rhodesia alive through a steady supply of consumer goods, arms and ammunition throughout the years of Rhodesia's
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 Tango Romeo

 Tango Romeo (TR) is the aircraft
 registration letters for Gabon
 where Jack had most of his
 aircraft registered during the
 Biafrin airlift (1967 to 1970) and
 the Rhodesian sanctions-
 busting period (1970 to 1980).

 The UK Sunday Times also
 nicknamed Jack 'Tango Romeo'
 in 1976 when they ran an
 expose on Jack on the front
 page of the Sunday Times
 paper, headlined 'Tango Romeo.
 Rhodesia's cheekiest sanctions

 Event Timeline

 A brief overview of Jack's life is
 given in the timeline, Click [here]
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